With Live Chat 3 you have the complete freedom over standard and automatic text messages in various languages.

Under the main menu you will find Answers / Text this is a very powerful tool.

Here you will find all standard messages which you can change or translate in your language, multiple languages are absolutly no problem and it makes Live Chat 3 truly multi lingual.

Besides the standard message you can also add messages that will automatically display after certain time, for example:

The entry above will display the automatic message to the client (only when waiting for an operator) that we will be with him any minute.

In the text you have noticed the %client% placeholder, the system will automatically replace that placeholder with the client name. A few more placeholders can be used:

  • %client% = Client Name
  • %operator% = Operator Name (if available)
  • %email% = System Email Adress (in your settings)

You can setup as many messages you like, but always consider to not make it to stressful for your potential client.